Monday, October 11, 2010

Mechanical Tank Cleaning

Layout of Tank Cleaning System

Tank Cleaning Equipments:
- Extraction and suction system for crude oil recovery and transfer
- Heat exchanging system
- Oil supply system to supply cleaning medium
- Jet nozzles
- Nitrogen gas supply system
- Gas monitoring system
- Oil/water separating system, and
- Connecting pipes and fittings

Crude oil, or something similar, is used as the cleaning medium, while hot water as the washing medium. Tank-cleaning equipment, cleaning and recovery tanks are connected through process piping to form a circulation system. Circulated cleaning is achieved with an oil with minimal content of sludge.

Crude Oil Cleaning (COW) unit

List of Clientele for Tank Cleaning:

Petronas Penapisan Melaka Sdn Bhd:

- Mechanical washing of floating metal roof tank of crude oil

- Storage tank (imported sour crude oil)

- Tank volume :71,000m3

- Date: July 2009

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  1. Tank cleaning equipment is no plain business as it requires expertise and dedication. You cannot just deploy people to clean a production area and the tanks in there just like that. It requires a systematic method.